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  • The Insider's Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job: What Every Law Student Should Know About Interviewing

    • Author: Erika Finn
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $16.95

    The primary goal of most law students is to get a job upon graduation. While law school teaches many things, how to get a law job is not one of them. Thousands of law students thus graduate each year without a job, without any prospects, and without the faintest idea how to land their first job with a law firm. In law school, however, the competition for top jobs is intense - and the special needs of law firm recruiters are unknown to law students. This book is an insider's look at the secrets of landing a dream law firm job.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters: Great letter techniques and samples for every step of your job search (Cover Letters That Knock 'em Dead)

    • Author: Martin Yate
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $12.95

    In today's fast-paced world, many job seekers skip creating the perfect introduction. But when competition for every job is intense, a cover letter can make a strong first impression and help an applicant stand out from the crowd. In this newest edition of his bestselling text, Martin Yate shows you the four kinds of cover letters--general, executive briefing, broadcast, and letters to recruiters and agencies--and how to craft each one.

    Inside, you'll also find:

    • A new introduction by the author, discussing job searches in a tight market
    • New sample cover letters for every job hunter, including those just out of college, long-term unemployed, and recently laid off
    • New tips about using social media to network and increase the chances of finding a job

    With the help of this trusted authority, you will no longer struggle to find the right words and the right way to deliver them! The perfect cover letter is within reach.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Job One: Experiences of New Professionals in Student Affairs

    • Author: Peter M. Magolda; Jill Ellen Carnaghi
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $34.00

    In Job One, editors Peter Magolda and Jill Carnaghi place new professionals' stories _center stage._ The book focuses on nine narratives written by new professionals about their introduction and transitions into Student Affairs work. These stories document the joys and angst felt as new professionals prepare to transition from graduate school-to-work, search for their first Student Affairs position, assimilate campus norms, formulate a professional identity, satisfy supervisors' expectations, mediate cultural conflicts, and remain true to their personal and professional values.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • How to Get the Teaching Job You Want: The Complete Guide for College Graduates

    • Author: Robert Feirsen
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $24.95

    Competition for the best teaching jobs is becoming more intense. Since publication of the first edition, when it was mainly the most desirable schools that were deluged by applications, the economic climate has made the teacher market more competitive across the board, and is changing hiring practices.

    Now extensively revised, this book maintains its place as the most up-to-date book available on job hunting for teachers. The authors cover changes in the educational marketplace; the new mandates about standardized testing and public reporting of student achievement–and what they mean for applicants; how new certification standards and schools’ requirements affect career changers; the growing acceptance of on-line applications and electronic portfolios; and provide additional advice for teachers applying to change schools or districts.

    This is also the only guide written by school administrators. Offering the insights and experience of two authors who do the hiring, it details a step-by-step program for taking charge of your teaching career.

    How to Get the Teaching Job You Want enables you to:

    * Match your unique talents to the needs of a particular school
    * Craft effective cover letters and resumes, using models that address the specific needs of college graduates, teachers changing schools, returning teachers and career changers
    * Make effective on-line applications
    * Leverage your achievements as an experienced teacher–or, for graduates or career changers, student teaching, substitute teaching, volunteer work or content knowledge–into a job offer
    * Locate jobs on-line and discover valuable information about schools, including test results, educational philosophy and names of key administrators
    * Design a portfolio in book or electronic format to showcase your abilities
    * Practice interview skills using 100 questions taken from real job interviews
    * Apply proven strategies for a variety of interview formats, including high stress interviews and performance interviews
    * Address controversial questions during interviews

    This book covers procedures for applying to elementary, middle and high schools; public, independent, and parochial schools; as well as international and boarding schools. Anecdotes recounting the experiences of real candidates looking for jobs illustrate key points. Access to the authors’ web site ensures that you will stay current in a changing job market.

    This is a vital book for teachers and aspiring teachers who want to achieve their career goals. It will also be invaluable for guidance counselors, psychologists, librarians and other school professionals.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Teachers Changing Schools

    • Author: Susan D. Strayer
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $17.99

    The Right Job, Right Now is the first complete career toolkit from finding your best-fit career to job searching to successful on-the-job performance and problem solving. It's the perfect way to act on your New Year's resolution or a perfect gift for any business professional or new graduate!

    First, it effectively bridges the gap between "What do I want to do?" and "How do I do it?" by presenting a complete, step-by-step plan for long term career satisfaction using self-assessment, self-marketing, and a comprehensive job search and career development strategy.

    Second, it provides an upfront, modern and straightforward approach to career issues from someone who truly understands recruiting and the ins and outs of the corporate world. You can read it cover to cover or simply flip directly to the sections that will help solve your most pressing career issue.

    Based on the author's Kaleidoscope Career Model, this book starts by showing readers how to take charge of their career. Using the author's unique approach, readers will learn how to align their skills and abilities with their needs and desires for compensation to find their career sweet spot the qualities of a job that will allow them to perform to the best of their abilities and be rewarded accordingly.

    Once the career sweet spot has been identified, it forms the basis of targeting a job search, writing resumes, taking advantage of technology, interviewing effectively, and landing the perfect job--all using today's modern tools, techniques and technology.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Returning Teachers and Career Changers

    • Author: Paul Stevens
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $8.00

    Why do faithful people suffer? Job wanted to know. So he demanded an answer from God. His friends thought he was crazy, but Job persisted. And, finally, God answered. As Paul Stevens leads you through Job's questions and God's answers, you discover comfort, hope and meaning for the suffering in your own life. This revised LifeGuide Bible Study features additional questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with expanded leader's notes and a "Now or Later" section in each study.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Laptop Lifestyle - How to Quit Your Job and Make a Good Living on the Internet (Volume 1 - Quick Start Guide to Making Money Online)

    • Author: Christopher King
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $9.95

    "A Surprisingly Simple Way to Get Out of the Rat Race..."

    Wouldn't it be great if you could work from anywhere you wanted and set your own schedule? You'd have absolute freedom and never miss an important event because of work.

    And imagine if you could wake up every morning, excited about the day ahead, and say to yourself, "I can't believe people pay me to do this!"

    "Thousands of People Do it Daily... ...And You Can Too!"

    This book contains the secrets to making money online. You'll learn:

    - The quickest way to make money online. Get going today!

    A 3-part formula to make big money online!

    The "set it and forget it" business model that runs on autopilot (all you do is collect the money!)

    How to turn your hobbies into a profitable online business!

    A simple, 4-step process to help you generate multiple streams of online income (without any customer service or employees)

    Making money online is quick and easy (if you know how to do it) and I can show you exactly what you need to do.

    Christopher King is former musician turned online marketer. He splits his time between Toronto, Canada and Key West, Florida. He can be reached online at Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • DK Readers: A Day in a Life of a Builder (Level 1: Beginning to Read) (Jobs People Do series)

    • Author: Linda Hayward
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $3.99

    This Level 1 book is appropriate for children who are just beginning to read.

    Jack Dale is building five new houses. One is for the Wilson family. Will the Wilsons like their new house? This unique Level 1 series accurately portrays real-life situations that help young children identify with and learn from while helping them improve their reading skills. Presented in classic DK style, young readers will enjoy photographically illustrated information in an entertaining package. For children who are just beginning to read and who have a limited vocabulary, these 32-page Level 1 books-about everything from tadpoles to puppies-use word repetition and simple sentences to convey meaning. Picture dictionary boxes with word labels "show" the meanings of words. These books contain between 400 and 450 words each, and they are 80 percent pictures and 20 percent text. The Dorling Kindersley Readers combine an enticing visual layout with high-interest, easy-to-read stories to captivate and delight young bookworms who are just getting started. Written by leading children's authors and compiled in consultation with literacy experts, these engaging books build reader confidence along with a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, classic stories, and biographies. There is a DK Reader to interest every child at every level, from preschool to grade 4.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • How Santa Lost His Job

    • Author: Stephen Krensky
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $6.99

    Santa has the best job he can think of -- brining presents each Christmas to children all around the world. Every year he prepares for his trip: He trims his beard, takes a bath, gets dressed, and packs up his sleigh fort he long night ahead. But there are always a few unexpected delays that make things a little hectic. Muckle, one of the elves who helps Santa, thinks he can come up with a more efficient way of delivering the toys -- a method that won't involve Santa at all.. Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

  • Test-Drive Your Dream Job: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Creating the Work You Love

    • Author: Brian Kurth
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $20.99

    In TEST-DRIVE YOUR DREAM JOB, you'll discover how you can identify, explore and experience your dream job, and how or if you want to pursue it. Author Brian Kurth, founder of VocationVacations, offers professional, personal and financial perspectives on how to transition into a new career and turn your dream job into a reality without risking your current job or jeopardizing your financial stability.

    By following this practical and encouraging self-discovery guide, you will gain a better understanding of who you are now; what fulfills you both personally and professionally; how to get from Point A to Point B on the road to your dream job; or perhaps satisfy your curiosity and gain a deeper appreciation for where you are now in your life and your career.

    Brian Kurth is a sought-after expert on how to pursue and attain one's dream job. He has shared his wit and wisdom in appearances on NBC's TODAY Show, CNN, and FOX News, and has been featured in articles in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine. Many more regularly turn to Brian for his comments, advice and insights. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Kurth lives in Portland, Oregon. (2007). Great book for warehouse jobs seekers.

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