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  • Published on April 13, 2011

    Inventory Clerk Job Description

    By JobsInWarehouse.com

    Job Duties

    An stock clerk is an entry-level professional employed by an organization to manage the day-to-day stock control duties in an work to provide support to the sales staff. Coordinating the incoming and outgoing process of products, they ensures that orders are filled, the sales floor is properly stocked and each piece of merchandise is accounted for.

    A clerk maintains the stock room.
    An stock clerk processes and fills product requisition orders placed by customers or colleagues. He is necessary to accomplish this task in a timely manner. When products arrive from vendors, he notates it her employer's product management log, and properly stores the merchandise. On a sales floor, he places a cost tag on each item. The stock room is her responsibility. He ensures that it stay neat and orderly. In a retail surroundings, he may also assist the sales staff in providing customer support, as needed.

    Job Opportunities

    Qualitative Requirements

    Clerks jobs may be present in the classified.
    The role of a clerk is a junior level position. These jobs are usually advertised in local newspapers within the classified section. Additionally, some employers utilize online job search engines, such as Monster.com, to source qualified candidates for this role. Because of the level of this role, this position is often held by students. High school and college career services offices may even be of assistance to those seeking employment while still in school.

    Educational Requirements

    An stock clerk ought to maintain an excellent work ethic. Though positive duties of the job may be repetitive, they are crucial for the success of the business. As a result, the clerk must be motivated to complete her tasks. He must be a nice communicator, both oral and written. Her reading and logistical skills must be strong. Additionally, he ought to be an exceptional issue solver, able to think outside of the box and utilize reasonable deduction. Depending on the industry in which he is employed, he may be necessary to work non-traditional hours, including nights and weekends.

    Candidates must be high school graduates.
    The successful candidate for an stock clerk role must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. A year degree is not necessary. Additionally, they ought to be proficient in basic office computer application, such as Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.). They may be necessary to learn how to expertly use his employer's proprietary application. As a result, they ought to be technically proficient.

    Average Compensation and Employment Outlook

    Clerks earn about $30K.
    The average stock clerk working in the United States of The united states in 2009 earns an annual base wage of $31,000, according to a document released by Indeed.com. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics believes, because of a growing use of computer expertise, that the employment outlook of stock clerks and order fillers does not look nice. The agency anticipates a decline of two percent through the year 2016.

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